3 Factors California Courts Consider When Determining Spousal Support

Out of all of the undesirable effects a divorce may have on a person's life, its financial impact may be not only one of the most challenging but also one of the most immediately perceived. For example, according to one source, some individuals may need an income increase of as much as 30% in order to maintain the same lifestyle and standard of living after the divorce. Additionally, statistics show that 20% of Read More

4 Characteristics to Look for in a Guardian

As a parent, you have to make hundreds of decisions regarding your child's well-being virtually every day. Out of the deep love and care you have for them, you no doubt take time to make the best choice even in seemingly small matters. At times, it may feel overwhelming to make an appropriate choice when it comes to more important, bigger decisions - such as those regarding health choices, diet, or education.  Out Read More

Splitting Up: How California Divides Property in a Divorce

Couples who decide to pursue a divorce in California are faced with a complex problem that can prove to be one of the greatest challenges and most conscientious issues of a divorce - the division of property. The matter is indeed delicate - after all, for a number of years, both spouses may have worked equally hard to accumulate and take care of shared marital wealth. Some assets or property - such as a house or a Read More

Understanding California Dependency Laws

For children, the home should be the one place on earth where they are provided with unconditional love, support, and protection no matter how confusing and unkind the outside world may be. Of course, the enormous responsibility to provide a child with such safe and nurturing conditions lies primarily with the parents. Sadly, a parent’s own personal struggles can sometimes make it extremely hard for them to extend Read More

A Brief Overview of the Grounds for Eviction

When all amicable means of solving a conflict with a tenant fail, eviction may seem like the only viable solution to a landlord’s problems. While it is true that eviction does have its place in the California state law as a legitimate measure to protect a landlord’s interests, it is important to recognize that the same law also provides certain protections for the tenant. In California, an eviction must proceed Read More

Family Law 101: How Child Custody is Determined in California

Married couples with children who decide to take definite steps to formally end their marriage face an important yet difficult issue to resolve - which spouse gets the custody rights over the children. Unfortunately, to the detriment of the children, custody disputes are often one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. For that reason, the decision to grant custody over the children, as well as the extent of Read More

4 Red Flags That Your Spouse Is Concealing Assets to Receive a Better Settlement

For many couples going through a divorce, the division of assets can be the most contentious aspect of the legal proceedings. Equitable distribution of common marital assets in a divorce is a legal requirement. However, if the couple is not able to reach an amicable solution to this problem, the final decision on how the assets should be divided lies with the court. In that case, a judge is presented with a Read More

Considering Divorce? Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions Before You Make a Decision

The decision to file for a divorce is never an easy one. Still, when a person’s marriage seems to have collapsed, he or she may see no other choice but to formally end it. While a person who feels trapped in an unhappy marriage may think getting a divorce will greatly improve the quality of their life, many of those who do divorce experience a swath of other issues and problems that are at least equally challenging. Read More

Stop the Abuse: 4 Steps to Take If You Are the Victim of Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is an issue that affects our society as a whole. For example, a woman is abused every 9 seconds. As many as 1 in 3 women have been in an abusive relationship - and the same holds true for 1 in 4 men. Each year, up to 20 million people are abused by an intimate partner - a number that translates into 20 people every minute. Here at the Carroll Law Office, we treat the issue of domestic abuse and Read More

Landlords: How to Legally Evict a Tenant

Unpaid rent, destroyed property, strained relations with neighbors, and a bad reputation are only a few problems that a troublesome tenant can cause to a landlord. When a tenant repeatedly violates the tenancy agreement, as well as the common rules of social interaction within a building and the community, the landlord may see no other way to solve the problem than eviction. In California, however, eviction must Read More