The Divorce Talk: When and How to Tell Your Kids

As a parent, one of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the stress of when and how to tell your kids that the marriage is ending. While never a happy time, you can make the “divorce talk” more positive for your children by following these 5 tips: 1) Timing is everything Make sure that you and your spouse are certain about your decision to divorce before having a discussion with your children about the Read More

5 Useful Tips to Help Renters Avoid Eviction

Are you facing a dispute with your landlord? These types of conflicts can quickly get out of hand, so it’s important to understand your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant in California. Take a look at these tips to avoid eviction and ensure you’re complying with the law. After all, when your place of residence is at stake, it’s best not to take any chances. 1) Respond to the eviction notice A Read More