Estate Planning

Securing Your Legacy, Providing for Your Loved Ones, and Preparing You For The Road Ahead

An estate plan is an excellent recipe for financial peace of mind. When an estate plan is designed correctly, it gives legal significance to your future wishes and protects your loved ones after you are gone. The Carroll Law Office is here to guide you through every stage of the estate planning process. We can tell you all about the strategies you can take to prepare for a brighter future.


A will allows you to choose exactly what should happen to your estate after you pass away, instead of leaving the decision up to state law. Who receives a portion of your property, and how much? Who will raise your minor children? Our attorney can ensure your will benefits your loved ones, meets your wishes, and protects your legacy.


After you pass away, your estate typically must go through probate, which involves having the court supervise the process of paying your debts and distributing your property to inheritors. Trusts enable you to skip probate with certain types of property, allowing your loved ones to receive their inheritance more quickly without paying extra court fees. We can walk you through the process of transferring property to a trust and make the most of your estate plan.


When adults become incapacitated due to injury or illness, they legally become unable to handle their own financial affairs. A conservator or guardian essentially gains the ability to make decisions about finances and day-to-day care for the incapacitated person. Because conservators are appointed by the courts, we can represent you in hearings to make sure the right person gets legal custody of your loved one.


When a parent becomes unable to care for a child for any reason, legal custody of the child may be transferred to a different guardian. Guardianships can be used either as short-term or long-term solutions in the event of death or incapacity, although they are less permanent than adoptions. Our knowledgeable attorney can assist you in the process of appointing a guardian.

How do you know what types of estate planning documents you need and which ones you don’t? The choice is entirely yours. Our attorney will get to know you, your wishes, and your family’s needs to assist you through the decision-making process. Contact the Carroll Law Office to start planning ahead. We will help you set the stage for financial security—and a better future for your loved ones.